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Hard disks
b1ob, 2022-01-14 13:38:00

After HDD Regenerator, the system does not see the screw?

I used HDD Regenerator from a bootable flash drive. Checked ≈5 hours, found and fixed ≈800 bad sectors. But after the reboot, the laptop stopped seeing my HDD... I

did not find anything useful in the BIOS (hdd does not detect); another laptop for testing will be only tomorrow;

Smells like a write-off, right?

***UPDATE*** By some miracle, the hard drive started up after fiddling with the boot menu (NOT bios, but the second button, on my F12 laptop). Although it seems that I did not change anything, I just started to run and that's it))

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Zettabyte, 2022-01-14

≈800 bad sectors ... Checked for ≈5 hours ... after a reboot, the laptop stopped seeing my HDD

Eh, finished off the disk, which obviously was already bad.
Approximately like a person who unsuccessfully fell during a hike with a suspected fracture of his right leg, put on this one leg and make him jump for 5 hours.
Our Western colleagues deservedly call this utility not HDD Regenerator, but HDD Degenerator .
The "repair" process is to start chasing the problem areas of the magnetic surface without stopping, hoping that the drive will remap those sectors (Remap) that it considers bad. Miracles in the spirit of "hysteresis loops", which the authors promise, do not work. Whatever squiggles they invent for themselves, none will pass through the preamplifier switch.
This is how all programs that offercorrection or treatment of bad sectors .
If the information from the disk is not needed, then hand it over under warranty. If there are important files left on the HDD that need to be saved, then the maximum that can be done is to look at SMART in R.tester if the disk is still visible in the BIOS.
Ideally, it would be to disconnect the disk altogether and, referring to the text below, start choosing a data recovery center: https://xn----7sbbfbnfa0a2audfacc2cat8e9f.xn--p1ai/
This is important due to the fact that 5 hours of forcing a head remap is quite could not stand it and either degraded or completely died from constant fidgeting over defects on the plates.

Zhbert, 2022-01-14

I remember about the same way I killed my screw somewhere in the early 2000s.
For recovery, it is better to use Victoria, I have never had problems with her.

Drno, 2022-01-14

smells like a dead screw)

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