Michael Sne Bjorn Palagin2015-06-08 01:56:55
Michael Sne Bjorn Palagin, 2015-06-08 01:56:55

After Effects or a regular picture in Adobe Photoshop?

Hello toasters. In this video https://youtu.be/hBUOAHwo8Ww?t=13 from 11 seconds, a strip on which the class from the game is written leaves from the left side. I would like to know if this was done with special effects in AE, or is it just a picture with an exit?
If it was done in AE or you know about what, then please explain how.

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Lorri, 2015-06-08

such a "band on which a class from the game is written" can be done in AE. See tutorials for individual parts - titles, lightning, 3d in AE (but I can't guarantee 100% about 3d in ae).
In general, it is strange that a person whose profile says "After Effects (initial skills)" asks such things. For some reason, with my initial and non-practical skills, I know how it's done.

Genka Omyshev, 2015-06-08

Lorri described everything correctly .
At the very beginning, a small flash effect appears. Can be implemented with a beam effect from Optical Flasres.
Behind the flash, a luminous ball appears, with an increase, You can safely do it with the help of Ae. It can be a semi-transparent gradient Shape Layer, with a fade effect and shift to the right.
Further, it is better to draw a substrate with hexagons in Ps, layer by layer.
Animation: first with a mask, with a shift to the right, we show horizontal white stripes. Then, alternately turn on the vertical rows of hexagons, from left to right.
The inscription is simply written in Ae. We impose waves on it, with a mask, similar to the effect of water. (Any lesson on creating a water surface in Aya).
The moving flash on the left is essentially the same animated Optical Flasres plus a few layers of lightning - lightning (now there are a lot of them in Ae, the settings are different)
Animated pebbles, in my opinion, are clipped from the game itself and looped into a repeating composition. The spawn animation is also simple. Two types of cloned stones fly out. Sometimes the same lightning effect is added between the stones.

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