Dmitry2021-02-12 12:12:26
Video cards
Dmitry, 2021-02-12 12:12:26

After connecting the video card, there is no image. What is the reason?

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-31M-S2L, 775 socket. I connect the video card 1070 gtx. There is no image on hdmi. With integrated also does not show. What could be the reason? It stands exactly in the connector, power supply, etc. connected correctly, the contact is tight. Could it be a bios firmware issue?

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oKOT, 2021-02-12

First you need to check the HDMI cable, they are often buggy and do not give out a picture, poor contact, etc.
If you put a graphics card in a PCI-E slot, then the integrated graphics card will not work!
For a clean performance check, everything is taken out of the computer in turn, of course, after a complete power off:
* The video card is removed and a test run without a discrete vidyuhi, see if there is an image?
* Without a video card, we try to remove all the RAM sticks, clean the contacts with a regular pencil eraser, put one RAM stick, try to turn it on.
* If it started with a built-in video card, then we blow out the dust from the connectors and try again with the video card.
We listen at each start whether there will be a peak?
Very rare cases, but the BIOS of the video card does not know such an old socket 775 motherboard, although I ran the GTX1070 for the sake of experiment on a quad-core Quad, it worked, but I know cases when modern video cards on the 775 socket did not start at all. You can try to reflash the BIOS from a compatible video card, but the idea does not guarantee success and all responsibility is on you, because the video card may simply stop working at all if the BIOS is crookedly flashed, there have been cases of bad luck when the power was turned off during the firmware and that's it.
Good for GTX 1070 you need a socket like 1155 or 1150, of course new motherboards are even better, but an i7 on a 1150 socket will be enough for any new games.

Fenrir89, 2021-02-22

How many watts is the power supply? Is there an additional power supply connected to the video card?

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