Saizer2015-03-07 20:01:23
network hardware
Saizer, 2015-03-07 20:01:23

After choosing DHCP on a freshly installed OpenWRT firmware, the router stopped responding and does not respond either. How to return?

I flashed OpenWRT, went to, set a password - chose a dhcp connection and that's it ... the page stopped responding, like the whole Rebooting the router didn't help. At least go back to stock...
TP-link 740n
PS In the connections there is a certain "" - ping goes with it, but through the browser - nothing sensible...3aa6e860c8b441748b652f76f2fd699b.jpg

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Centrino, 2015-03-07

Routers have a reset button, which, when held for a certain time, resets to factory settings. If I'm not mistaken, then 10-15 seconds.

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