like_market2021-08-04 21:24:17
like_market, 2021-08-04 21:24:17

After a power surge, the monitor stopped working, rebooting the BIOS helps for a while, what should I do?

The power went out due to a power surge. The screen stopped working after turning on. Thinking that the video card is dead. Rearranged the cable to the second integral input. The screen worked. A couple of days later the light went out again. The screen doesn't work again. But mixing connectors this time did not help. I took the battery out to reset the bios. Earned. Later, the screen died again, and the battery chip also helped. Nothing helped the third time. Tell me what to do???

Nothing appears on the screen. But the computer itself works.

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GavriKos, 2021-08-04

Take it to service. And buy a UPS

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