Mr Tails2019-06-14 08:11:22
Mr Tails, 2019-06-14 08:11:22

After a long period of inactivity, the laptop stopped turning on, what should I do?

Urgently need help!!!
I pulled out the battery and disconnected the power supply from the laptop and left for 10 days in another city on business. Yesterday I returned and I urgently needed to do important work on the laptop, but it just does not turn on and no indicators light up on it.
I tried to start the laptop without a battery and even pull out the BIOS battery to reset the settings, but the result is the same, it does not turn on
Maybe does anyone know how to resurrect a laptop???

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Nekit Medvedev, 2019-06-14

Check the power supply, and the battery (whether the voltage is given out correctly), check the integrity of the connector (when the power supply is connected to the connector, check the voltage on the diagram), well, or refer it to the Chinese ...
Perform the second paragraph at your own peril and risk, and in general I'm better off not to believe), because education is not the same ...

BRUTUS992, 2019-06-14

I definitely won’t teach how to repair laptops here, but this is definitely a trip to a qualified SC

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