Egor Samusev2013-03-27 03:29:34
Egor Samusev, 2013-03-27 03:29:34

Affiliate programs with domain registrars

I'll start from afar. I have dozens of domains registered to me. At one fine moment, I realized that it would be nice to save on annual renewals. My registrar has an affiliate program that will allow me to do this. I will simply transfer myself (client agreement) under his management after signing the partnership agreement. The benefit is obvious - I can save on renewals and in the future I have the opportunity to register domains at reduced prices.

I began to think, what's next. Then I can offer my friends, who, like me, use the services of this registrar, to go under my partnership agreement. The benefit is obvious - I am increasing the number of domains and clients, which will allow me, as a partner, to receive individual prices from the registrar in the future, and my friends will save annually, because I will offer them the prices that the registrar gives me, i.e. for what I will buy and sell.

I began to think, what's next. In addition to acquaintances, third-party people may appear on the horizon who, for some reason, want to become my clients, and I naturally will not refuse to earn a penny, albeit a small one. Attention questions (partners, resellers and just knowledgeable people):

  1. Is it worth it to bother with this kind of earnings?
  2. Any person, including an individual, can become a partner with my registrar. I just don’t want to be the last one yet (at least now). How can I provide services to third parties in this case?
  3. In theory, I can make my markup on resold registrar services. What about taxes? To pay, not to pay, and if so, how? 13% of income and self-confess about it to the Federal Tax Service?

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ZloiZmei, 2013-03-27

It is worth bothering if:
1) this is savings for you and your friends;
2) As a side income. Let's say a freelancer serves his clients.
3) if you plan to use domains as a means of investment, register hundreds of them. Only here you need to be careful, at first you step on a rake like everyone else, before you figure out which domains cost what money and how to sell them.
4) If you decide to seriously engage in this business. Those. invest large amounts at once in order to get favorable rates from registrars, invest in advertising, technical support, and so on. But keep in mind - the competition is colossal, it is among resellers. Advertising will begin to pay off only after a few years, and without advertising there will not be many customers. You won't be able to offer better prices.
In the first two or three cases, it is more profitable to become a reseller of a large reseller and immediately receive a favorable rate (in the case of .ru - up to 90 rubles / domain). In the last two - to seek favorable rates from the registrar.
Don't bother if you're trying to make a small self-employed business/income.
It’s hard for me to tell you about an individual, I have been working as an individual entrepreneur for many years. I suppose that the options are:
1) do not declare yourself in any way and do not pay anything. This is possible in the first three named cases. At first, few people will care about your income, especially in the absence of bank transfers. Penalties for illegal business are still ridiculous (500-2000 rubles). Still tax evasion...
2) Legalize as a physicist, declare income, pay 13%. Stupidly not profitable can be, not to mention the loss of time. And it’s not a fact that illegal business will not be sewn.
3) Becomes an IP.

Puma Thailand, 2013-03-27

Do not bother, the price of domains is 100-150 rubles, in order to earn money you need out of a thousand, or even orders of magnitude more.

La2ha, 2013-03-27

I can answer the first question, what you described is what a lot of people do, there are enough domain sellers who sell them exactly like that, but I’m not sure that earning 5-20 cents from a domain will suit you, so you will become another reseller , with regular prices, and maybe somewhere higher, because. there are cool resellers with large volumes for which the registrar provides domains cheaper and for which the sale price will probably be equal to or less than the one at which the registrar will offer them to you (I don’t know if there are such, this is just an assumption), in general, I think for myself, friends can and it’s worth it, but doing a quality service, promoting and maintaining it may not be very profitable, and here you have to sit and think with a lot of things with a calculator.

la0, 2013-03-27

When there were a lot of domains under my control, I wrote a letter to the registrars describing the situation, the number of domains and the question of how much it would cost me when transferring to them.
As a result, at that time I received prices for RU at 100-150 rubles from as many as 4 directly (webnames, r01, regru, domainus) and from one (naunet) through a partner.
R01 turned out to be assholes: habrahabr.ru/post/151458/
webnames domains tried to clamp: habrahabr.ru/post/83833/
Therefore, this pack ended up in different baskets: 2-3 pcs. in regru and naunet, and the rest in domenus
For gtld it is not expensive in evonames, but because of the volumes of directi / resellerclub
I have the number of registrations on the side (for clients), which can be counted on the fingers

ProstoDesign, 2013-03-27

Do not bother, in monetary terms it will be a penny, and there will be a lot of nuances in the work. Spend this time usefully on something else) Good luck!

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