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olimo, 2011-08-17 14:35:15

Advise traffic counter via 3G modem


Can you please tell me a program for Windows XP/7 to account for traffic when connecting to the Internet via a 3G modem.
First of all, I am interested in the possibility of accounting not by months, but by 30-day periods , since funds are debited from the account every 30 days, and for these 30 days 4 GB are given without speed limit.
I would like to see how much traffic you can still afford and what date money will be withdrawn from your account for the next period.

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Anatoly, 2011-08-17

Do not believe
The first link in Google for the phrase "traffic count"

Maxim, 2011-08-17

Previously, I used the BitMeter program, lightweight, not demanding, with flexible settings. But the only negative, she does not know how to choose the interface to listen to.

Vlad Zaitsev, 2011-08-17


Roman, 2011-08-17

Check out 3G Modem Manager. I remember exactly that there is a traffic calculation (and prices) and statistics, but I don’t remember whether it is possible to set the calculation for 30 days.

1337, 2011-08-17

DUMeter is ideal. It runs as a service, so you don't need to keep the program constantly open or in the tray.
It counts by months, by weeks, by days and by hours. You can set a limit, they say when the traffic is N-th amount of MB / GB, notify me.
I've been using it for over a year, it's great. There is a cure, write :)

ipswitch, 2011-08-17

Try it.
Haven't come across better yet.
In Windows 7 integration into the taskbar.

Alexander, 2014-05-24

I have been using it on several machines for about three years.

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