Alexey K2019-10-11 21:46:45
Alexey K, 2019-10-11 21:46:45

Advice on where to put the site for evaluation?

Hello everyone, who can tell you where to put the site for evaluation (design, UX, etc.)

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Alexandra, 2019-10-15

https://vk.com/bestlanding here are landings, for example.
By searching for "Behance" look at VK communities, there are active viewers.

Anton R., 2019-10-11

On Behance.

Alexey Tudvasov, 2019-10-22

Interested in the opinion of a specialist on the site https://slotodengi.ru Where can it be analyzed in terms of the quality and graphics of launched applications, as well as give recommendations for correction?

Mogileva, 2020-03-19

And I'm interested in the opinion of https://army-news.ru

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