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Advice about the Odesk exchange?

Good afternoon.
Recently, I began to intensively delve into freelancing, specifically on Odesk, because. many people recommend it. I have been working as a programmer for a PHP company for about 2 years. I won’t say that I am a programming guru, but I do tasks. My work is in general: layout, adaptability, I make websites and online stores on Joomla, I pull the layout on templates, I connect various components and payment systems (also mainly on Joomla).
Made more than 100 landings and about 30 sites during this time. I made several sites on wordpress (but I still don’t understand it very well, because I didn’t work much with the code). Also worked a little with Opencart. PHP, JS - at an average easy / level.
1. Tell me, please, is it possible for me to start freelancing with such knowledge, what needs to be done more? (I see that Joomla is not very promising on Odesk, there is more wordpress).
2. what value to indicate. I would be willing to work for 2-3 dollars, because The current salary does not even give $ 1 per hour. Knowledge of English is good, except that listening to the interlocutor is a little difficult.
Thank you.

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sergikzv, 2015-01-10

Everything is strange, you work as a php programmer, and judging by the work, you are a pure front-end developer, as far as I understand, you haven’t picked up much in everything and judging by your salary, everything is completely bad for you, the only way I see for you is to quickly pull up wordpress and don’t pay less than 10 bucks.

globuser, 2015-01-10

Maybe if you rush to freelance, then choose for yourself a certain area, from those that have been indicated, and only pump it and only earn money with it. Thus, you will and will become a great professional in it, rather than a smeared specialist across the entire spectrum that was cited in the question. And therefore, if you are a guru exclusively in a certain area, then you can indicate a good salary level there, all the more you will and will be able to confirm this salary with the quality of your work. After hyper-pumping and megaguru, you can also connect and develop other near-similar areas. As they say, if you run after all the hares at once, then it is unlikely to catch up with them :))

weblime, 2015-01-10

Thank you very much. Yes, you really can't chase two hares. It's just that the situation is very bad. We live as a family (there are three of us in a rented apartment) for one salary + parents help a little. And there is simply no time to look for something better, and since I am the only "handyman" in the state, I have to do everything that they give. I work remotely 11-12 hours a day, 5 days a week, before I sat for 16 hours. Coming out of the salary, it really was even before the collapse of the hryvnia, it was a little more than 1 dollar per hour, in general, in our city it would be enough for one, but now it’s generally cool.
Thanks again. I made a conclusion for myself. :)

Puma Thailand, 2015-01-10

You have written so much good about yourself, but I don’t understand how you manage to work for a dollar an hour and just survive.

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