CheeckyBride2011-08-22 15:44:50
contextual advertising
CheeckyBride, 2011-08-22 15:44:50

Advertising on school websites

Please advise if a public school can post materials on its website for which it receives payment from commercial entities (roughly speaking, paid advertising). If possible, please provide links to legislative regulations on this issue. Thanks in advance!

UPD: we are talking about Russia.

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Alexander, 2011-08-22

In theory it can.
Budget Code, Article 41 - Types of budget revenues. There is a service section.

CheeckyBride, 2011-08-22

I specified the country.

m08pvv, 2011-08-22

The main thing is to pay taxes on income ...
And there is also an option - donations for the development of some school circles - taxes are not needed there (if everything is properly executed).

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