Pecko2018-01-19 22:44:54
Pecko, 2018-01-19 22:44:54

Advanced Movie Player, is it possible to implement, or does it already exist?

RuNet is full of sites for watching a movie, and almost all of them use the same type of video players. Well, maybe they differ in some parts, but as a user for me there is no visual difference (function).
Is it possible to create such a personal player in which several people from different parts of the CIS can connect without interruptions and asynchrony of frames, with the possibility of voice communication?
You can skip this water from /*
That is, the example turns out like this: there are two friends, the first friend's name is Petya, the last one's name is Sasha. They both live in the same city. Sasha wanted to watch the movie, but he is bored watching the movie alone, so Sasha invites Petya to his house on this occasion. Petya also became interested, but his shoes are all wet inside, and it's cold outside. Therefore, Petya offers another way to watch the movie. */
Petya buys an extended tariff on the site to watch the movie, which includes a good quality player, subtitles in different languages ​​and the ability to watch the movie with the campaign. Thus, Petya invites Sasha to a private session of the film "Smeshariki", in this way they watch the film synchronously sitting in their comfort zones and communicating via microphone with a friend.
Or is there already such a player?)

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Paul Nice, 2018-01-23

You can give video from servers.
Simultaneous start and pause of viewing in this case can be implemented and network speed jumps can be compensated by multibitrate.

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