imperiumcat2015-02-28 15:05:12
Task Management
imperiumcat, 2015-02-28 15:05:12

Advanced manager todo.txt?

There is an interesting "clear text" methodology for managing tasks and time (all tasks in the todo.txt file)
plaintext-productivity.net There are
basic software solutions that apply this methodology :
benrhughes.github.io/todotxt.net a few banal features are enough - automatic appointment of a task date, time spent, tracking of all activity in a convenient chart format . Do you know other task managers of this kind?

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myrslok, 2015-02-28

Orgmode .

iaosipov, 2015-03-06


Yuri Shanus, 2015-04-21

This one is suitable pomodorka.ru

Andrew A., 2019-12-06

For Android there is Simpletask . Official stuff. There is no tracking there, but there is an add-on: repetitive tasks. A bunch of filters, sorting. Works directly with the file + monitors changes in it. If the file has changed, the data is immediately updated. This is very handy for synchronization. And for Windows, unfortunately, there is nothing with such functionality. I'm looking for myself. I even want to write.

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