Andrei_092019-04-01 19:08:21
Adobe Premiere
Andrei_09, 2019-04-01 19:08:21

Adobe premiere pro cc distorts sound. How to fix?

Hello. I've got a problem recently. I recorded the sound on a dictaphone (the microphone was not at hand). Recorded many records for several seconds. I open it in premiere, and some records in the program itself do not play correctly. Parts of the recording are swapped, for example, I open the recording in the media browser in the program itself, I play it, but the recording does not start from the beginning, but its fragments are reversed. And instead of ordinary words, you hear some kind of unrelated mess. Most recordings are like this, but some play fine. Recordings were made with an interval of several seconds on one voice recorder, the voice recorder settings did not change. What could be the problem?

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Ronald McDonald, 2019-04-01

What is the recording format? Convert to mp3 or wav (even if the recording is originally wav).

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