savinov_ao2013-12-15 18:16:13
Video processing
savinov_ao, 2013-12-15 18:16:13

Adobe Premiere - how to turn off auto-adjust output volume?

I rented a professional installation (mixer, external audio card, microphone) to record sound for the video being edited. And then I ran into the following situation: the strongest background noise. I quickly figured out that the problem wasn't with the actual signal, but that Premiere was somehow applying auto volume control to the audio output (both preview and render), causing noise in the -60db signal to sound incredibly loud. From the soft mixer side, it looks like this: prntscr.com/2bcgfn
When music or speech starts, everything returns to normal, but this noise is simply unacceptable at first. Tell me how to make it so that there is no autotuning, and the actual volume is controlled by the software mixer or the levels on the clips?

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