2012-06-14 09:26:31
, 2012-06-14 09:26:31

Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator CS6 cannot set kerning on mac os x

I switched to mac and immediately a question arose in adobe products, I can’t set kerning. Here's a screenshot:

An internet search turned up nothing. Who faced or can know the solution? Thanks in advance.

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marcus, 2012-06-14

You are confusing kerning and tracking. Kerning applies only to pairs of characters, tracking applies to any block of text. To kern, you need to place the cursor between the desired letters. To change letter spacing, change the tracking. The button is exactly to the right of kerning.

Kalisto, 2012-06-14

Maybe not much off topic, but maybe someone will tell you, scrolling through fonts with up and down buttons does not work on a poppy in one of the CS programs, maybe there are other buttons? And who is flipping through to pick up the font? I can’t find a solution in any way ... I’m using an external program for now and then I just select the desired font, but it’s not convenient ...
tell me if anyone knows a faster and better way!

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