Artem Ortega2017-07-18 14:07:35
Artem Ortega, 2017-07-18 14:07:35

Adobe Muse. Why is it that when creating an adaptive site, when changing the size of the text, it changes at all breakpoints, how to solve?

Adobe Muse. For some reason, when creating an adaptive site, when changing the text size, it changes at all breakpoints (although I don’t use the copy to other breakpoints function), and if you change forms, they change only at the point where I change them. Muse reinstalled but the problem does not disappear. Who understands please help what could be the problem
Screenshots in question:7020d4f2cf73433baf84efb3118e5154.png3f9f8eeef9b5414ab0e026ce6d6d98d1.png

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Pavel, 2017-07-18

verdict: throw out this fucking software

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