ltv902015-11-02 20:29:16
Adobe Illustrator
ltv90, 2015-11-02 20:29:16

Adobe illustrator text size?

how to find out the text size if it is converted to vector in adobe illustrator?

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Jenish, 2015-11-12

1) If the font itself is there, then use the poke method :) to put it on top and twist the bottles.
2) If the font is also unknown, then there are tools for determining them on the internet. Find, set, return to point 1
The basic units of the typographic system of measures are 1 point (1 p.), equal to 1/72 of a French inch, 1 tsicero (1 tsits.), Containing 12 p., And 1 square (1 sq.) , containing 4 qts. or 48 p.
1 p. \u003d 1/2660 m \u003d 0.3759 mm ≈ 0.376 mm; 1 cycle = 4.512 mm ≈ 4.5 mm; 1 sq. = 18.048 mm ≈ 18 mm.
In computer typing, an Anglo-American typographical point (point) is used, equal to 0.3528 mm. To translate the Anglo-American measurement system into a typographic one, use the ratio: 1 points = 0.9348 p.; 1 p. = 1.0697 points. A larger unit of 1 pica (pica) is equal to 12 p. (≈4.22 mm).


goandkill, 2015-11-02

More specifics would be in the question.
Point size? Or physical? Or what else?

ltv90, 2015-11-02

Well, I click on the text there, I can’t see the size or type of text. converted to outline

Const V, 2015-11-16

Draw a square over the letter from top to bottom and look in the Info palette for its size in the required measurement values
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