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A domain on a physical server with replication on a virtual one, how best to design?

Good day to all.
Task: deploy a domain controller on winserver 2008r2 and make a backup controller.
1. Physical computer - Xeon e3-1200 / 16GB of RAM. Used as an application server (server 2012 standart r2).
2. Physical computer - amd XXXX / 16GB RAM. It is planned to organize a domain controller on it (windows server 2008r2). Does not support virtualization.
I plan to do: Deploy a domain controller on the second machine, and raise a virtual machine on the first machine and configure a backup domain controller in it.
Actually implementation questions:
1. How to organize replication and will it work if the physical server - the primary controller - fails?
2. If the physical computer flies with the primary controller, then how can I automatically redirect everyone to the virtual controller?
3. Whether it is possible to enter an application server into the domain and what happens if the physical controller dies?
Explanations: because xenon is used as a remoteapp, then the domain controller cannot be installed there, and therefore we are forced to use another piece of iron. I read that you can deploy virtual machines with domain controllers on different hosts and it will work, but I only have one server with visualization support ...
Thanks in advance for the advice and explanations.
PS software licensed (server 2008 r2, 2012 r2)

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oia, 2015-07-07

Replica hell will work automatically

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