BlindB2017-07-06 14:37:02
BlindB, 2017-07-06 14:37:02

A convenient format for the catalog of articles in a compressed format from a bunch of html with pictures (android)?

There are a lot of articles (hundreds) in the form of folders with saved html + css with pictures.
There is an html file - a catalog with links and descriptions of these articles.
The total number of files is measured in tens of thousands, a large load on the phone's file system, and problems with synchronizing such a volume of files.
Can you please tell me a convenient format for such a structure in order to read it locally from android?
Condition: one article = one file, plus a catalog file with links to articles.
Ideally: the catalog file is the same html, but the articles themselves are in a compressed single-file html format (mht, maff and the like) in order to use the browser as a viewer (but is it possible to make links in html to compressed formats?).
Pdf is also tolerable, but how to make a directory with links to the files themselves so that it opens normally on android?

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Maxim Timofeev, 2017-07-06

How to create CHM file

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