Nikolaeff2016-09-22 16:10:12
Nikolaeff, 2016-09-22 16:10:12

A computer program was copied from me - what should I do?

I am a computer software developer and have been selling it for several years now.
It turned out such a situation that competitors - instead of writing their own program - made a clone of my program,
copying the functionality and interface by 80-90% + adding something of their own there.
In addition, they made a clone of my site, copying it by 70-80 percent (however, the articles were not copied, but were written from scratch, or already finished ones were rewritten).
What can be done in this case?

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Optimus, 2016-09-22
Pyan @marrk2

Push on the functionality of your program and break away from competitors.
Legally, I don't think I can do anything.

John FireFly, 2016-09-22

1. If they impersonate you or the average user might confuse them with you, then look for a good lawyer and sue for a tidy sum.
2. If they copied the program code from you, feel free to sue.
3. If they copied from you the interface that you drew yourself and / or to order - feel free to go to court.
If the program is just "similar" and with the same "functionality" - but they did not use your code or graphics, then you will not show them anything. Why would?!

Andrew, 2016-09-22

In fact, the court will represent a competition between two invited experts - from your side and from your competitors. My subjective impression is that it will not be possible to win the case, unless you have previously registered the described similar elements through Rospatent.

Salavat Sitdikov, 2016-09-22

If you do not have patents, registered copyright algorithms or something else and they wrote their program from scratch, but use your ideas, then unfortunately nothing can be done.
PS I would be delighted. If they copy me, then I'm doing something for good reason.

dude2012, 2016-09-23

The picture is typical. Most of the programs are similar to each other. All competitors "borrow" functionality from each other. It is unlikely that it will be possible to fight somehow legally. I don't think there are any such precedents.
In part, the programs are similar because they use the same controls and their location. It's hard to come up with, for example, a file manager that doesn't look like Norton Commander or Explorer...
You need to crush competitors with the functionality and quality of the product, not forgetting about search engine promotion. Then your product will have more trump cards in favor of users' choice. Implement new tasty features, develop the product. You will have to put up with the presence of competitors and in this war you need to try not to lose.
In short, compete, beat competitors on all fronts from functionality to documentation and technical support.

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