Igor Pavlenko2016-05-23 16:53:43
Igor Pavlenko, 2016-05-23 16:53:43

A complex question about "information sites" and making money on them?

I would like to know how much it is possible to earn from an information site from people who know this firsthand. With how many articles does stable traffic of at least ten people start? How much do you optimize these articles? What is the CTR of advertising and what are the real incomes from one click (yes, yes, I know - this can supposedly be checked using Yandex.Direct, but there is reason not to trust these numbers), what kind of traffic is needed for a stable monthly income?
I'm waiting for a response from people who have real sites and experience.

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spotifi, 2016-05-23

Read everything here
myfirepukan.blogspot.ru Everything is
sad. Normal money - over. Now, to raise them - well, you need a lot of effort and knowledge.

Mikhail Lyalin, 2016-05-23

do real business, not "information sites for making money"

kpa6uu, 2016-05-23

* I do not have an information site *
but still I will speak out about what I saw.
I somehow briefly went to the Donbass news site (yo), so probably five advertising banners flew into my forehead + advertising on each video for 15 - 30 seconds.
And it keeps online, people are sitting, commenting. You need to find an interesting, accessible, discussed topic and allow users to discuss it themselves on their resource, simultaneously flooding everything with advertising.

Puma Thailand, 2016-05-23

It depends on which sites and audience, if they are luxury and that a person already has a stable high income, and if they are schoolchildren, then they need half a million.
In direct and adwords, real prices can be trusted one hundred percent

olezhka2016, 2016-05-26

Now we need to come up with something original, and not just an information site. Because there are a lot of them now and they are not all the same person.

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