Alexander Tsymbal2015-10-01 16:19:04
Alexander Tsymbal, 2015-10-01 16:19:04

A common shopping cart for different domains - is it possible?

Hello toasters! :)
There was an interesting idea, but I don't know how to implement it. Please, tell me what you know about this topic.
Is it possible to create several sites (5-7 pcs) on the same engine and a common database, but with different domains (not subdomains, but domains)?
I am familiar with cms Joomla, Bitrix. I know that you can create such a thing on Bitrix, but for a maximum of 2 sites. Or are there any workarounds? If not Bitrix, then what cms can you recommend for these purposes?
The sites will not be full-fledged online stores, but rather mini-shops. Each site will be tailored for a specific service. But I think maybe we need a common system of orders. Is it possible to do this? Those. single authorization, common shopping cart for all sites?
I haven't come across such "multisighting" yet :) Google didn't give anything intelligible. Tell us about your experience in this area? In which direction to look and dig?

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Dimonchik, 2015-10-01

it's not safe
where the cart is - there is a payment, where the payment is - there is https, where https - it's not always ideal
to pervert with cross-domains and you can do anything: cookies, XSS, etc., while Google's service works with one authorization on a bunch of domains, but - there is no good tone

Tlito, 2015-10-01

you can - learn Drupal Commerce
and Drupal multi-site with Domain Access, Domain Access for Taxonomy modules

Vlad Zhivotnev, 2015-10-01

That without problems, you just need to issue a cookie to all domains at once.
Well, or the right option is to take all the work with the basket to one domain for https.

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