2012-08-22 18:07:04
Cloud computing
, 2012-08-22 18:07:04

A cloud storage service like Dropbox that provides direct links to download a file

Dropbox is great. But, unfortunately, I do not know a reliable way to run a second dropbox on the same computer under Win 7.

And I need to create a separate account for storing files in the cloud for a specific project. In a normal service. Such that it gives direct links to download a file of the form dl.dropbox.com/u/17099783/habrahabr_01.png
and keeps the files for a long time, well, I wouldn’t delete it a month after the last download of the file.

Shugarsynk does not provide this ...

What do you advise?

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beaver_kharkiv, 2015-09-26

The question is old, but it can still be useful to someone: you can use the https://rocld.com service , and use it to take a direct link from the cloud ... I tried on "Mail.ru", "Yandex.Disk" and Dropbox gives direct links to all public files...

Sergei Borisov, 2012-08-23

Maybe Amazon S3? Moreover, you already use AWS anyway. It’s not as convenient to upload as in DropBox (although there are a number of applications and even plug-ins for browsers and development environments that make it easier, in a very extreme case, you can solve everything with a few scripts). And after uploading, you have a simple http link that you send to the customer's secretary.

Ololesha Ololoev, 2012-08-23


wscms, 2012-08-22

Yandex Disk?

Anatoly, 2012-08-22

is not linux

AlexTest, 2012-08-22

Many services can do this, for example Google Drive
Here is a shared folder
Here is a picture from it

budulay, 2012-08-22

Try Wuala

Nickel3000, 2012-08-22

You can try running 2 dropbox clients via DropboxPortableAHK , here is the instruction in Russian. I've been trying for a long time, but something didn't work.

Andrey Polyakov, 2012-08-22

Make a free server (for 1 year) on Amazon and upload it there.

Laroy, 2012-08-23

Wouldn't picasa work? The mechanics, of course, are not the same as in dropbox, but there is synchronization and links are direct.

FanKiLL, 2012-08-23

droplr.com/hello has clients for different mac, win, iphone. True, the file size for a free account is 25 mega.

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