Alexander Kudryavtsev2022-03-27 21:06:23
Alexander Kudryavtsev, 2022-03-27 21:06:23

A career as a programmer at 18?

Hello. I am in the 10th grade, but I already have a solid stack of backend development in javascript.

  • HTML 5, CSS 3 (+less), JavaScript (ES2020)
  • Git and Github
  • typescript
  • React + Redux
  • Express
  • SocketIO
  • MongoDB and PostgreSQL
  • unit tests

I also know how to create telegram bots, but in general I prefer to work with MERN.

I was always not interested in studying at school - with the exception of mathematics and computer science, so I spent all my free time programming. Now, when there is a crisis in the country, I have no motivation to get a crust, but I want to go to work.
Question: Is my knowledge enough? Now I am actively writing several projects for my portfolio. Are there those who were able to get a job at 18? Please be understanding.

Okay, thanks for being constructive. I realized that it was possible to get a job at 18, despite hypothetical problems with the army. In addition, I realized that you can’t build a large project on Express, so I’ll be learning Nest.js soon. Really, the main thing now is practice and repetition of what has already been learned. I wrote a small list of projects that I implement. I think that if I come to work with an analogue of whatsapp and habr, then they will definitely hire me.

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FairyTaleComposer, 2022-03-27

Whether knowledge is enough is best judged not by the number of mastered technologies, but by the depth of knowledge and practical experience in solving problems in projects. From myself I can say: go for it. I was in the same situation, there were problems with the school due to health and lack of money. And my question of earning became at the age of 13. I tried to look for some ways I could do (cleaning, then music lessons at 17-19). At 20 I started programming. Based on my experience in music and programming, I can say that it is very good that you have already started looking for a job. And the fact that you are already studying a specialty is, on the contrary, commendable. The crust will not give you knowledge, it can only give you a simpler introduction into the system of narrow-minded people who are not able to evaluate the experience and knowledge of other people and are used to the fact that the crust is the main thing, it is an indicator (because they were taught that way). And how is it, they spent so many years sitting their pants in schools, and you will get a job in a much faster and more profitable way. Therefore, everything depends on your willingness to go against the system. If you go through the lack of special education - be prepared that you will be envied and not let you pass. (human factor, in general) If you follow the standard to get higher education in your specialty, since you already have such a question and need to work, you may not be able to complete your studies and still face the fact. That work is needed here and now. Either by specialty, or by some seller-cleaner. (you lose the opportunity to practice your specialty, I do not advise) Even if you go to study at the university, you will additionally need to continue to study that directly relates to your specialty. Nothing related to real projects is taught at universities (everything that you have listed).
If you chase after the crust now, you will lose time. And then it will be more difficult to solve the same situation. I recommend trying to respond to vacancies, do test tasks. On TK and you will see how much you pull it and what else to tighten. (most importantly, don't give up)

Alexander, 2022-03-27

Of course have.
Is knowledge enough? It is very easy to check - respond to a vacancy, go through social security. Under the condition of a more or less adequate interlocutor, all the holes will immediately pop out.
And yes, a "solid backend development stack" is measured not by the number of items in the list, but by the depth of their knowledge and the amount of provable experience.

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