Ruslan Gayfutdinov2015-04-01 21:55:37
Ruslan Gayfutdinov, 2015-04-01 21:55:37

How and with what to track the work of employees?

Hello guys. The question arose: what means to track the work of employees in the organization? We have 25 engineers, everyone's workload is very different, hence all the consequences, discord, disputes, sabotage. Therefore, I want to keep track of the work of each employee right by the day. Maybe someone already knows ready-made solutions and preferably of course cheaper or even free.

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ISE73, 2018-03-01

Your js code is missing code related to #investInput.
Look at the example.

index0h, 2015-04-01

What you are looking for is called an issue tracker, or a bug tracker, or a task manager.

pkrymskaya, 2015-04-14

Bitrix seems to have something like a social network for an organization that can perform these tasks. I don't remember exactly what it's called

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