Daniil Ivanov2014-12-24 20:59:51
Daniil Ivanov, 2014-12-24 20:59:51

A black dot appeared on the Matrix (Monitor). Are there problems with the monitor electronics?

A black dot appeared on the Matrix (Monitor). And only recently, I replaced it. Such problems were on the previous matrix. Possible problems with the monitor electronics ??? Or is it still "dead" pixels (since the matrix is ​​not new) ??

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haiku, 2014-12-24

It could be a dead pixel. This happens. If I'm not mistaken, then this is not a warranty case (if it is one, and not half the screen)

Sergey Lerg, 2014-12-24

It's definitely a dead pixel. If the electronics are faulty, then the result would be more noticeable - stripes, distorted colors, flickering.

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