budyakov2011-08-26 20:53:52
budyakov, 2011-08-26 20:53:52

A/B site testing

There is a need to conduct A / B testing of some pages of the online store website.
For example, I want to know which of the pictures brings the user to the section or to the page of a particular product better; or try to understand which of the options for the arrangement of elements on the order page contributes to a greater conversion.

I wanted to try using the Google website optimizer for this, but I don’t really understand how to use it in dynamic pages using a template engine.

What to use? If the Google optimizer is suitable, then how to connect it in my conditions?
Z.Y. Maybe someone had the experience of conducting such tests and he wants to share with the habrapublic. I think this article would be of interest to many.

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smileonl, 2011-08-27

Somehow they used www.optimizely.com/ for something like this

skitales, 2011-08-27

I tested myself using yandex.metrik

ishipilov, 2015-01-02

Here is a good service with nice prices and in Russian:

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