Genome_X2013-04-24 07:18:37
Genome_X, 2013-04-24 07:18:37

A 27 inch monitor and a resolution of 1920x1080, is that enough?

Actually, the question is, I'm thinking about buying a 27-inch monitor, but most of them have a resolution of 1920x1080. I heard the opinion somewhere. that for such a diagonal this resolution is not enough and there will be graininess. Is it so? I looked in the stores, I didn’t notice anything special, but I would still like to know more about it. if anyone has experience.
Perhaps someone will advise interesting models / manufacturers?

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Dolios, 2013-04-24

Go to the store and take a look. Everything is individual here.
But, in general, 27" can already be taken in 2.5k resolution.

Alexander Shapovalov, 2013-04-24

You got ahead of me! I also wanted to know about this, because. I myself have been sitting at a Samsung 17-inch CRT for 9 years. They say that from a close distance of about 20-35 cm, large pixels will be distinguishable. In general, I wanted to take this 27-inch model on an IPS matrix: AOC I2757FH

Evgeny Elizarov, 2013-04-24

I have 2 monitors:
27" iiyama X2775HDS
22" BenQ E2220HDP
Both 1920x1080
I don't see graininess on the ayama (I'm sitting at arm's length). The font is large - it is convenient to read from it (with my far from ideal vision). I'm thinking of changing the bank to the second one, otherwise it seems too small in comparison (in terms of the picture).

A65urd, 2013-04-24

I've been eyeing this model since yesterday.

ixSci, 2013-04-24

I have a Korean 27 with a resolution of 2.5k (in the question ), a studio is placed on the screen with 120 speakers in one half, and everything I need is different in the other half. Very convenient to operate; a lower resolution would no longer allow me to work comfortably, and so it turns out 2 monitors in one, at work, and a large monitor, for entertainment.

TheMengzor, 2013-04-25

Definitely not enough

Fedor Ananin, 2014-10-21

I have a Samsung 27 "1920x1080. After 22" 1680x1050 seemed very large, and the resolution was simply amazing. Two years later, I want at least 2560x1440 for 27"

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