Max Yarknov2018-02-10 09:37:10
Solid State Drives
Max Yarknov, 2018-02-10 09:37:10

+8GB RAM or SSD for gaming?

Now on the PC 8 RAM, and hdd, in MMORPG RAM on hard and FPS drops to 30. Vidyaha 1050 2GB, i5 3300. What is better to put for games in terms of ssd performance for 240 for games or put another 8 oz?

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Artem @Jump, 2018-02-10
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You need to set what performance rests on.
I doubt very much that in the case of a game, it can rest against the disk.

Armenian Radio, 2018-02-10

Definitely more RAM.

Max Yarknov, 2018-02-10

In the same Ds3 , ds2 , nfs2015 , bf4 everything is fine, except that sometimes it freezes during explosions, but in mmos in raids yps up to 30

murzik_a, 2018-02-12

From the RAM and ssd fps will not increase. Loading locations from ssd will be faster, but actually it was really only possible in bf4 or eso, in general, I don’t care.
You need a better video card and not with 2 gigabytes of memory.
Well, it would not be superfluous to write what kind of MMO.

Michael, 2018-03-29

Depends on the games you play.
For example, the MMO Lineage 2 notably rapes the HDD and an SSD would be an ideal choice for it
. But 99% of games can work with the HDD and they are better off with more RAM, although the FPS will not rise from this if the game already has enough

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