Colt47pc2020-05-28 18:40:07
Colt47pc, 2020-05-28 18:40:07

8700k why does photo editing slow down?

Guys, what kind of problem is this, I do not understand where to dig. In the native photo viewer, when cropping, the editor is very slow, the percentage at this moment loads only one core by 70-100%, in Photoshop there is a similar problem when you move the sliders, blunts for 1-2 seconds. and also one core. i7 8700k stock, asrock z370 extreme4 (Bios 4.20 last) installed Windows cleanly from the USB flash drive with the latest version with formatting, it didn’t solve the problem, I took out the battery, literally installed all the drivers and utilities from the Intel and Asrock websites - it didn’t help. It doesn’t matter with or without a discrete (rx588), I searched on Google, and created topics on various forums, nobody really knows anything anywhere .. otherwise everything works fine: games, stress tests, and so on ..

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Colt47pc, 2020-06-01

Here's the news for you - the problem lies in the mouse, namely in its polling frequency - for some reason this bug appears at 1000Hz, at 500Hz it's the same, but at 250Hz it's already normal, one core is loaded in half and everything is smooth, with a minimum of 150Hz The kernel loads even less - 30%. I’m shocked how this is even possible)) I’ve been using this mouse for 4+ years already and used Photoshop, and cut pictures, but this whole problem just got out relatively recently.
mouse Ss sensei raw
helped by the program LatencyMon

lonelymyp, 2020-05-29

It seems to me that we need to dribble towards the forced choice of discrete graphics for a specific application.
In the driver settings or something like this:
But I have come across situations when it was not possible to bind the program to discrete graphics, shamanism with drivers, etc. .
You can check that it is the discrete vidyukha that is working through a separate monitoring software for video cards, where according to the download schedule it will be clear who is working.

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