2018-06-01 11:46:34
, 2018-06-01 11:46:34

8-800 number or direct number with forwarding?

Tell me, I want a number for the company that will ALWAYS be at the company ...
I thought about both the PBX and the direct number to the mobile .. but something is not right ... the
there are 2 simple mobile numbers ...
I want number 8 -800 or 8-812 landline which will always be tied to my company and I will be able to transfer it from one operator to another... call forwarding to mobile is needed from this number. ALL!
at the same time, you need to spend a minimum of money and not pay for incoming ....
I thought about a direct number from the operator, but he said that when switching to another operator, it would be impossible to take the number with you!
But what about the virtual PBX? Will the number be permanently linked to the company?

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Nikita Pavlov, 2018-06-01

1. You conclude an agreement with a good tariff (telfin, etc...)
2. type of connection via sip !!
3. you connect to a virtual PBX (mango, etc...) or put your own (asterisk, etc...) there you resolve the routing to the necessary mobile / city / sip devices.
4. Wherever your office moves, the numbers will remain the same, the main thing is that there is a mobile connection / Internet available.

Gansterito, 2018-06-01

1) Negotiate with the operator, who will sign such a condition in the contract.
2) Become a telecom operator: obtain licenses, make a node project, build a communication node, obtain and implement a SORM plan, obtain a numbering resource, obtain a signaling point code, join a local telecom operator.
Neither the first nor the second option guarantees that the number will always be yours. The numbering resource may be withdrawn by Rossvyaz, the company may close, etc.

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