TheInsable2016-12-31 01:48:20
TheInsable, 2016-12-31 01:48:20

70-80С cpu in idle time, reasons?

An MSI gaming laptop that I bought about a year ago. The 4th generation i7 processor in idle time (surfing the Internet, etc.) produces 70-85 degrees and the cooling system works quite actively. Is it normal or not? I just didn’t notice this at all before, in games it always heated up to 90 degrees, it seems that all mobile processors heat up like that, but in idle it’s strange, especially since the CPU is loaded by 10-30% maximum.
The thermal paste was changed about a month ago, but I can’t imagine what I could have done wrong there, is it possible that it lay somehow wrong? Maybe replace it again?

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OnYourLips, 2016-12-31

Either an error occurred when replacing the thermal paste, or the heat pipe burst (it happened with the MSI GS70).
In the second case, the warranty will fix it pretty quickly.
85 degrees surfing is not normal. Depending on the model, 80-90 degrees should be at maximum load on the CPU + GPU (for example, in the benchmark).

xmoonlight, 2016-12-31

When replacing the thermal paste, the following causes of overheating are possible:
1. The previous one was not cleaned well to the end from both contact surfaces.
2. Low thermal conductivity of the replaced (new) thermal paste.
3. The new thermal paste is not designed for this temperature or it has expired.
4. There is no tight fit of surfaces to each other (i.e. there is an air gap, sometimes due to distortion or ingress of solid particles from old or coarse dust).
5. Thermal paste is unevenly distributed: it is better to extrude with a spiral starting from any corner and gradually approaching the center.

Anton Kiselyov, 2016-01-01

Not even 99, but 100% you need to clean the radiator and cooler from dust.
To do this, you need to completely open the laptop to the cooler, remove the impeller itself, find a bunch of dust under it in the radiator, remove it, and rejoice.
Without dismantling and disassembling the cooler, normal cleaning will not come out, no matter how powerful the vacuum cleaner you use. I revived several times even such laptops that had been in service centers for "dust cleaning", and in which the cooler was shiny and washed, and under it there was a solid hat of garbage on the radiator.
It is not always easy to disassemble the cooler and remove the impeller itself. Sometimes the cooler is on screws, sometimes metal petals hold it, I even met rivets. But it is necessary to remove the impeller itself.

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