Daniil Drozdov2016-01-12 14:59:55
Do it yourself
Daniil Drozdov, 2016-01-12 14:59:55

6Pin graphics card power supply?

If the old vidyaha Asus GTS 450 is 1 GB.
And it needs additional power 6 Pin.
It seems that St. Petersburg is a big city, but there is no NIHR * ON in the store ...
And I decided to make my own.
I found an old power supply, cut off a 24 pin connector from it and made 6 pin out of it.
Made by analogy yellow yellow yellow black black black. And I want to connect this whole thing to one molex.
Ride what you think?

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Ivan, 2016-01-12

What is the difficulty?
But it's better to buy a normal PSU, with the expectation of a vidyuhi. For some reason, it seems to me that it’s not just that there are so many lines, and not stupidly 2 wires.

sixhundredsixtyfive, 2016-01-13

If I understand correctly, then 2 power supplies will be used, one for the video card, the other for the computer ... So, you can’t do this because these PSUs are pulsed, they will fail if their 12 volt lines are connected in parallel. Or the motherboard and / or video card may fail if only the video card is powered from the second one. From one PSU, you can still try to power the computer and the video card, for this, take the 12 volt line from the drives and connect it to the video card. There are adapters MOLEX - GPU POWER.

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