Denis Smirnov2015-06-02 01:33:51
Denis Smirnov, 2015-06-02 01:33:51

5K refresh rate?

Tell me, please, do 5K monitors update at a frequency of 60Hz, or 30? What does it depend on? Thank you.

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Alexey Rytikov, 2015-06-02

Old ports do not allow you to achieve a frequency of 60 Hz, but there are new ones:
I also read somewhere about connecting one 5K monitor with 2 HDMI cables at once, with the help of which they achieve 60 Hz.

Ivan, 2015-06-02

Frequency and resolution are generally not related in any way ... Well, in fact, it depends on the production price.
60 or 30 Hz only depends on whether it is 60 or 30 Hz.

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