zhulan0v2019-10-21 12:02:42
zhulan0v, 2019-10-21 12:02:42

4K programming monitor: 32" or 43"?

I am developing on laravel + vue/angular. Many windows are constantly open: idea, client to the database, browser, terminals, instant messengers. I think this situation is familiar to many. Now I'm working on two 23 "FullHD monitors and it's been a bit cramped for a long time.
And now I have the opportunity to upgrade my setup with a new monitor. There's nowhere to put the third one and in general I want to replace everything with one large 4K monitor.
So the question is: tell me which diagonal to take 32 or 43? I think 43 is already too big, and 32 may be too small for such a resolution. Share your experience.

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Ivan Shumov, 2019-10-21

If it’s not enough for programming and you want 4k, then someone writes very, very bad code. Since there are many open processes, it's easier to put a couple of monitors - a square. One big monitor is good only on macs - when you are fine with many virtual desktops

Anton R., 2019-10-21

And you, my friend, are a maniac! )) 27 inches is just right, even if you have 2-4 windows open with a code.

lamer350, 2019-10-21

Better buy another monitor. I bought myself a 4k 27 "and this is the worst purchase this year. In 4k resolution everything is so small that it's impossible, even anti-aliasing does not help. I had to crop the interface to
QHD and I get soapy fonts in toga, it's torture for programming.
it’s also not comfortable to work with fonts on curved ones, because of the curvature (albeit small) the text is slightly deformed
. you 2x FullHD, then on such a monitor there will be not much more space, by 20% approximately (by pixels) ... As for me, it’s not worth it at all, especially if you like to code on dark themes, because because of the hum of Gou, it doesn’t give life there generally.

Robur, 2019-10-21

just like you once worked on two monitors, to program on one and see the results on the other, it was also not enough. thought how to stick more.
Then, by the will of fate, he moved to a MacBook and got used to switching windows instead of turning his head. The fingers get tired less than the neck. Over time, I realized that this is much more ergonomic, if it’s inconvenient to work on both monitors, anyway, one will be the main one, and I want to look at the second one, the less the better.
Now I took myself a 4k monitor, but now I already use virtual desktops and hotkeys for various window switching.
4k - in order not to see the pixels, and not to fit more. 24'' scale 200%.
and sometimes too big if you need to read from opposite corners of the screen.

Programmir, 2019-10-21

43 слишком большой будет. для программирования может даже 32 великоват будет. большая диагональ нужна для игр, фильмов. а вот для работы берите поменьше.

Sanes, 2019-10-21

В магазине попроси запустить. Это же не проблема.
Обычно рабочее место близко к монитору. И при большой ширине будеш головой вертеть.
На 2-3х мониторах обычно в окнах порядка больше.

SOTVM, 2019-10-21

дело не в разрешении,дело в формате/соотношениях,16\9 21\9
бери широкоформатнтный=не пожалеешь (и видосы кажет без кропа

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