pavelmosin2020-10-29 11:56:23
pavelmosin, 2020-10-29 11:56:23

4k monitor. Who is using it?

Good afternoon!
I got a 31.5" 4k monitor, and, as expected, faced with the fact that at a distance of a hand the fonts without magnification are VERY small. I don't understand why to increase the fonts, because then the whole point of a large resolution disappears, because there is less space on the screen

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GavriKos, 2020-10-29

The meaning of high resolution is not only in the amount of free space, but also in the density of pixels - i.e. in picture clarity.
I work with zoom, of course.

paran0id, 2020-10-29

I set the scale of the interface to 125% and use it. The meaning of permission is not to cram more, but to make it more pleasing to the eye.

Dmitry Roo, 2020-10-29

27 "4K
Scale 200%. Looks great on Windows and Linux. The fact that Mac writes "default for this display" = 1920x1080 (that is, also 200%. Strangely enough, it looks normal) I
'm happy with everything.

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