kocherman2013-05-14 18:24:30
kocherman, 2013-05-14 18:24:30

4Gb memory: Win7 + MongoDB + NodeJS(http-server) + ExtJS + PhpStorm + Google Chrome = Out of memory?

[SOLUTION FOUND] Turned the paging file back on.
Last month I upgraded my laptop hard drive to an SSD.
Removed the paging file (pagefile) from the system.
There are many advantages, but I ran into a problem. It became impossible to work on a laptop.
I am writing a web application:
NodeJS on the backend;
ExtJS on frontend.
I have 4Gb DDR2 memory.
When Windows 7 starts, on average, 21-25% of the memory is occupied.
Next, I run PhpStorm (250Mb of memory). I open a project with NodeJS and ExtJS 4.2 files inside (PhpStorm is already eating 750-800Mb).
Moreover, PhpStorm's appetite is to blame, as I understand it, exactly the ExtJS source codes. I'm running the nodejs web server under the PhpStorm debugger in order to program the web interface on ExtJS (PhpStorm is already eating 1100-1200Mb).
Next, I launch the browser:
Usually I have several tabs open (GMail, Habr, I constantly use Google search [ how to program without it?!? ], I open other sites from the search). Directly for work, I need to keep my application in at least two open browser tabs + open ExtJS documentation (+ often ExtJS examples are open in a separate tab).
It is difficult to determine how much memory Chrome consumes on average in total, because. the manager shows the number of Chrome processes is 2.5 times the number of open tabs. But the main appetite for memory is, of course, those tabs in which ExtJS is running.
I don’t have time to work for even 10 minutes, the system throws alerts about the lack of memory in turn offering to close either PhpStorm or Google Chrome. (Task Manager shows occupied 72-73% of system memory).
It becomes absolutely impossible to work. I want to ask the community for advice, maybe someone has come across a similar one.
The option to work in turn in PhpStorm, close it, open the browser, close the browser, launch PhpStorm is not suitable.
Is it really necessary to do an upgrade? configuration with 4Gb of memory is not enough for web development? — other colleagues laugh at it.

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OnYourLips, 2013-05-14

For this task, 4GB of memory is not enough. Update hardware.
Hardware is easier to change than software.

AxisPod, 2013-05-14

If you want to use java, add memory, it is logical that all this opportunity eats up a lot of memory.
Chrome has 2.5 times the number of open tabs, well remove plugins, generally 1 process per page + 1 process per plugin. Take another browser, less voracious, chrome eats a lot.
And on Ubuntu, Java will also eat a lot, nothing will change here.
How much memory is given to the video? Win what, 32 or 64 bits?
PS and WebStorm will not eat less by chance?

Hitory, 2013-05-14

Options using Linux are not considered?

Sergey Cherepanov, 2013-05-14

We need to return the swap file, why did you turn it off at all?

Roman Kokarev, 2013-12-27

Also 4 gigs. Few. Lacks. There is no money to buy a new computer, and it's like a vicious circle - because of the brakes, the development speed decreases, as a result - less dough :-)
The most acceptable configuration: 8 GB of memory, SSD, on which the system is spinning, virtual machine, storm and swap, and a terabyte HDD for all the rest of the garbage.

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