Lunatrius2019-10-21 10:29:33
Lunatrius, 2019-10-21 10:29:33

43 NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 error, how to fix?

Hello! I again ran into the problem of error 43, I used to fix it somehow ... but now I can't.
I'll go through the answers right now.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------
1. I removed the drivers through programs and components, then cleaned everything else through DDU (in safe mode).
2. Installed the driver for a standard video card that windows issues.
3. Installed the latest that can be installed on this video card (391).
4. I tried to install the latest drivers provided by NVIDIA
5. Run on another Windows 7 pro PC successfully. Video card detected by windows 7.
6. I looked through the system status through various utilities and cmd, everything is normal.
7. Visually, the video card corresponds to a good condition, nothing falls off / fell off, everything is in place and normal.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------
When I try to update the drivers for the video card through Windows, it says - (Attachment 1), everything is updated in the update center - (Attachment 2). Please help me with this problem, I tried everything I can. And yes, I can upgrade to 7 windows, but I would like to stay on 10 due to increased support for different programs and SDKs.oeNNZCl.pngTI0YwEL.png

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