admin4eg2013-03-11 09:35:57
admin4eg, 2013-03-11 09:35:57

404 instead of a redirect if I'm not logged in to Habr - "habrahabr.ru/new/"

I don’t remember how long ago this happened, but many, many years ago , I went to Habr right away at the link http://habrahabr.ru/new/ and rejoiced at the fresh feed of posts.

Then the irreversible happened, the habr was changed, and in the browser, when printing habr, I still have the first link to http://habrahabr.ru/new/
but that's the trouble!
if I'm not logged in or my session has ended. then instead of a redirect to http://habrahabr.ru/feed/posts/new/

, I get a branded 404

if I poke at this link when logged in, then everything is fine, the redirect is successful ...
I've been watching this place for a long time ... so everything 404 lives on there your life ...

I don’t know if it’s a bug or a feature :(

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Dmitry Sidorov, 2013-03-11

A long time ago I already wrote about this to the support service, the answer was something like “it should be so” ... It turns out - this is a feature :-)

Fyodor, 2013-03-11

I changed the address in the bookmarks of the opera to habrahabr.ru/feed/new/ and everything was ok

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