1nd1go2011-07-23 13:31:49
1nd1go, 2011-07-23 13:31:49

3g modem as a backup channel on a router with usb

Is it real at all? For example, some kind of megaphone, in order to be able to access the router itself from the outside and network resources in case of emergency.


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sn4ke, 2011-07-23

Yes, this technology is called 3G Failover
Here are some more
Digicom 1766
Netgear DGN2200M routers

Vlad Zhivotnev, 2011-07-23

Modems not sewn to the software normally work on my dlink-825g. And it seems there is even a failover. But you will not get any access from the outside via a 3G modem, only if the router itself throws its webmord port to a remote server via ssh.

uups, 2011-07-24

Mikrotik has many models with the ability to connect a mini pcie modem.

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