artyomst2010-12-11 10:39:46
mobile connection
artyomst, 2010-12-11 10:39:46

3G Internet in a laptop, tariffs?

You need a 3G modem and a cheap internet plan in Moscow.
The Internet is needed only to view traffic jams on Yandex.
I was going to buy a megaphone kit 3G 1550 + Internet start, it says 1.2 rubles per mb.
And then I noticed a small print on the booklet:
“On the Internet Start tariff plan, there is a speed limit for receiving and transmitting data GPRS-Internet -128 Kbps (round the clock).”
Please tell me which is better for me. I'm not saying that you need fast Internet, watch traffic jams before the trip, but still 128kbps seems not enough.

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wearymax, 2010-12-11

It is important to remember that if you fly to rest, then even a switched off modem can get traffic :))
But in essence, then pay attention to Yota

Sergey, 2010-12-11

If you are a MegaFon or MTS subscriber, Yandex.Maps mobile traffic will be free for you. Just download and install a special version of Maps. For MegaFon and MTS subscribers - from all regions of Russia.

Vlad Zhivotnev, 2010-12-11

> How can a disabled modem consume traffic?
Russia is! At the beeline (ground) people spend 60 days a month on the Internet, and you are asking such nonsense here.
According to the subject - I use the Beeline "anlim" for 390 rubles. Enough. 500 mb of pure 3g, then roofing felts 128, roofing felts 64.

Cheese, 2010-12-11

wimax from comstar - 50 kop/mb and 990 rubles for a modem
from troika operators look at the beeline tariff "simple internet": internet.beeline.ru/usb/msk/tarif/tarif.wbp?id=f29028ac-c263-496c-ae7f- f9b7e6d216c1 (3.3 rubles / MB), the megaphone always has some kind of hidden money sucking, and from MTS, as I understand it, you need to buy packages, there is no billing per megabyte

DjOnline, 2010-12-11


char, 2010-12-11
@ char

MTS BIT will not work? 199 rubles/month

nexby, 2010-12-11

Mtsovsky 3G in Moscow is still “more or less”, Beeline is not very everywhere. Well, very much ... I’m generally silent about the m / region. but the megaphone works very well both in Moscow and in the region - everywhere there will be HSDPA and normal speed.

Ilya Lesnykh, 2010-12-13

If you choose a modem from Megafon, I advise you not to download Interns :)

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