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xSkyFoXx, 2011-07-28 19:47:44

3G modem in Ukraine with a driver for Linux?

I'm going to Ukraine and I want to immediately get access to the Internet "with me". I will be in Crimea for 3 weeks. Tell me the operator / modem / tariff, which you can immediately buy and order a tariff for a month. Not necessarily completely unlimited. I think 15-20 GB is enough for me to solve work issues per day. And yet - I will obviously miss the speed of HSDPA. You need 3G or CDMA, some more or less sane one.
It is also vital that the modem starts up in Linux.

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netocrat, 2011-07-29

If for a month, then take the U-Try starter package without a Utel (Ukrtelecom) contract (in my opinion it is still valid).
Pros: no traffic restrictions, cost 6+ UAH/day of connection.
Now they have a promotion: a 3G modem from 99 UAH, but a contract is needed there ...
And what prevents you from taking your modem and simply inserting a card from a Ukrainian provider?
Other package options imply traffic restrictions. (translation from Ukrainian Google, but everything is clear =) look at the table.
After the traffic is selected, the speed drops to indecent )
Convenience - no contracts, you pay only on the days you use it, replenishment - through any QIWI terminal and the like.
Another option: Intertelecom
www.intertelecom.ua/ru/tariffs/internet/tariffs/super- bezlimit
There are several tariffs, the company is not as clumsy as Ukrtelecom, but it seems that in all cases you will have to conclude a contract, there are options that do not oblige you to use the service for more than the period you need, but this needs to be clarified on the spot.
Good luck.
There will be questions, write in a personal, I will try to suggest.
PS I myself use U-Try, the starter package is 30 UAH. 100 UAH enough for a month of active work. Unless I'm on Youtube.

shadowalone, 2011-07-29

ZTE MF626/627 starts up without problems under Linux. And not only this model, I have not yet come across a single one that does not start, although it may exist in nature.

Anatoly, 2011-07-28

Now we have almost all zte or anyData (Huawei) modems, they seem to start up without problems on Linux wvdial + / dev / ttyUSBX in the worst case. In general, no one bothers to say when you will take what you have Linux, and agree that if it does not work, bring it back within a day.

ergil, 2011-07-28

I am not aware of 3G modems that would not work under GNU/Linux.
there is a cdc_acm module in the kernel that picks them all up.
but in general, take it, try it, if it doesn’t start, hand it over, I’m sure in Ukraine there should also be the right to hand it over within two weeks or take a laptop with you to the store.

sevmax, 2011-07-28

Huawei E1550 works :)

netocrat, 2011-07-29

Yes, Ukrtelecom - 3G. When there is no coverage, it automatically connects to the partner GSM network (Kyivstar).
Intertelecom - CDMA (EVDO Rev.A and 1x).

Vsevolod, 2011-07-29

I can say for sure that AnyDATA ADU-510A from MTS Connect works in Ubuntu 10.04 right away. I also tried some of ZTE - it also worked without problems.

Vitaly Alekhin, 2011-07-29

just recently I was in the Crimea, I took a modem from the life provider there, with the modem there is 1gb traffic for a month, the speed under the Edge protocol was 14-18kb / s. The modem was caught by zte-180, it connected badly, was seen by the system (Ubuntu 10.04) every other time

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