Vladimir Sokolovsky2013-03-27 17:04:29
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Vladimir Sokolovsky, 2013-03-27 17:04:29

3G in Europe?

Hello habravchan. In connection with a short vacation, I was faced with the question of 3g Internet in Europe. More specifically, in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Germany. Is there some kind of universal SIM card that will help you stay in touch not very expensively for three weeks in these countries? If not, what options are available in each country?
Thank you!

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avorobiev, 2013-03-27

I don’t know the current situation for your countries with 3g, but in my experience in many European countries there is unlimited Internet only for contract tariffs, and you will have a prepaid ... There
is no integration of networks between countries on preferential terms - no, another country - get roaming in full.
Buying a SIM card in each country, even if there are Internet package tariffs for prepaid, will still cost at least 50-60 euros. And this money may be enough for economical roaming from your Russian operator. Roaming via travel SIMs is about the same price as roaming from your home network when you connect the options.
Those. 2 solutions remain:
- do without 3g thanks to WIFI in hotels or cafes;
— connect discounts for roaming with your Russian operator, and use the Internet economically on vacation.

porzione, 2013-03-27

I advise you to just go to the nearest salon there and look at the offers - in Italy I somehow took 9 GB for 10 euros for a promotion, I also saw similar offers in Portugal and Spain. Yes, everywhere there seem to be options for 5-10-15-25 euro packages.
Sometimes you come across contracts in Europe with relatively cheap Internet roaming, but in fact it’s cheaper to take SIM cards locally.

4tune, 2013-03-27

Something like GlobalSIM or GoodLine will be quite acceptable in terms of tariffs, definitely cheaper than domestic roaming, and at least comparable to the prepaid plans of local operators.

The Whiz, 2013-03-28

Orange had a SIM card for EU travelers

Guest, 2013-03-29

I have studied and continue to monitor this issue.
Current situation: there are no unlims in the indicated countries on the prepaid. There is “anlim” (after the threshold, the speed decreases)
So that everything is in one bottle and you don’t have to connect additional. services are non-existent.
There are maximum roaming packages (traffic with a discount throughout Europe when roaming with a partner operator)

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