betaru2013-10-10 08:03:56
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betaru, 2013-10-10 08:03:56

3g in Chelyabinsk

Hello colleagues from Chelyabinsk!

Interested in what operator you use for 3g and how much it suits you. The current beeline has properties in different parts of the city simply not to catch, the quality of the Internet is appropriate, so I want to change it. I look towards Yutel and Megafon.

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DIHALT, 2013-10-10

MTS - Connect 4 the situation is the same. In other places, the speed simply drops to zero. You need to take from those that are caught in your places.

AxisPod, 2013-10-10

I would not advise in the direction of Megafon, the highest speed that I saw was 1Mbps, it was once, usually no more than 400Kbps, in the north yesterday, in general, speedtest showed stupidly 0. I use Beeline, at home (crossing Sony-Krivoy and Sverdlovsky pr.) gives out up to 5Mbps, while at work it drains a little, but gave out 870Kbps (this is in the area of ​​Labor Street 82), although the megaphone here showed a record 1.83Mbps.
This is all incoming, outgoing of course noticeably lower.

betaru, 2013-10-10

In general, during the broadcast poll. Decided to try Yutel. It seems like the coverage area is larger than the others and 3g has been corrected. I'll post the results :).

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