MaximV2011-07-07 16:57:19
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MaximV, 2011-07-07 16:57:19

3D printer, details?

Dear, save the project. Before the completion of the construction of a 3D printer that prints cubic meter parts, there was absolutely nothing left, but the work got up due to a lack of parts. You need 4 thermistors 100 kOhm, preferably from epcos B57540G0104F000. Maybe someone has?

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Anton Stern, 2011-07-08

The main thing is that the 3D printer can print another 3D printer, then things will go :-)

lehha, 2011-07-09

If Peter, then there is a fairly large selection:
If not in stock, they bring it in a maximum of a week. I stock up on small things from them.
Or here:

MaximV, 2011-07-11

Thanks for the links - that's what we need! Thermistor found. Axes stepping test passed, doubts about Z were not confirmed. The software part is in progress.

Puma Thailand, 2011-07-08

What's the problem with buying? It seems that they are sold in Russia, to order at the kraynyak over the hill, it will probably come out even cheaper.

Alexander, 2011-07-08

Can you write about the printer? Wildly interesting!

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