Vyacheslav Golovanov2013-02-03 17:55:07
Vyacheslav Golovanov, 2013-02-03 17:55:07

3d printed metal?

Recommend a service that prints 3d metal models. I look forward to feedback from people who have had a positive experience.

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Antelle, 2013-02-03

Shapeways can. Examples of what comes, they have on the forum .

@zipo, 2013-02-03

If not a very complex model, then you can make it with a regular printer. I remember there was an article on Habré about it. A model is made of plastic or paper, then this model is rolled into clay.
They burn the plastic/paper, get the shape
And pour the metal, wait until it cools down and break the mold.

Colobock, 2013-02-03

I have vague doubts about the existence of such technologies.
Or I'm wrong?

KEKSOV, 2013-02-04

I would write a letter to this one (Arcam) and this one (EOS), asking which of their customers provide this service.

Ivan, 2014-08-27


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