Tsiren Naimanov2015-01-28 11:38:07
Tsiren Naimanov, 2015-01-28 11:38:07

3D models, model creation - training courses, books, etc. Is there anything in mind?

Tell a person who doesn't know how to google... Do you
have any good courses or books or articles in mind about creating 3D models, objects and textures?

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vaux, 2015-01-28

Modeling itself is not as difficult as understanding topology. It's a whole philosophy. On this skin I will throw you a couple of links that helped me a lot in my time:

Andrey Larin, 2015-01-30

Links and lessons wagons. If you are too lazy to even figure it out, then modelling will be too lazy and even more so.
Take any textbook and go.

Nurik What's Up, 2015-02-03

Videocopilot.net is here to help you. There are official plugins and a tutorial video from the famous VFX master Andew Kramer

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