Djamah2013-01-03 13:49:41
Djamah, 2013-01-03 13:49:41

3D graphics in the browser without flash, really not?

You need something like those described , but three-dimensional.
The most suitable thing I found is Сanvas 3d graph , but the possibilities, to put it mildly, are poor. I would like to know how not only the columns, well, and if you could twist it a little, it would be just great.
Everything that is Googled on the topic of 3D and graphs is too low-level, and is more about just 3D in the browser.
I will be very grateful.

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KEKSOV, 2013-01-03

I understand correctly that the question is not just about 3D, but about 3D for visualizing some statistics / mathematical functions?
Apparently, you have already found Three.js ( examples ) And for mathematical functions, MathBox , which is based on this Three.js, may be suitable.
As an alternative, you can look towards processing.js
Offtop 2D: while googling, I came across d3.js , they have cool examples ...

Sergey, 2013-01-03
Protko @Fesor

All that I saw on the topic of rendering graphs in 3D was just options for rendering projections in canvas. Still, it is more pleasant to work with graphs in SVG. And the topic of 3D charts is not very popular.

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