naralle2021-01-08 21:08:18
naralle, 2021-01-08 21:08:18

32:9 monitor suitability for programming?

Hello dear programmers and not only.
There is a choice of buying monitors, the first option is 2 identical 27-inch monitors suspended on a bracket. The second, no longer ordinary, as for me, is a 149 inch monitor with a resolution of 5120x1440. I would like to hear an opinion about the usability of monitors 32:9, 49 inches for programming. In fact, these are the same 2 27-inch monitors with the same color reproduction and the absence of a black dividing strip between the monitors.
Who uses? Who tried? What are the nuances.

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DevMan, 2021-01-08

depends on the habits and nature of the work.
in general norms. but I myself prefer separate monitors - you can scatter them as you like.

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